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The Heart of a Queen

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In ancient Persia, in a time of corruption and war, lust and power, exile and injustice, we find a beautiful young Jewish orphan named Esther that changed an empire and saved her race from extinction.  She was taken from everything she knew and loved, chosen to join a harem full of the country’s most beautiful girls, to compete to become Babylonian King Xerxes new queen. To earn his royal favor and be chosen as his queen would promise a life of unlimited luxury.  To not be chosen would assure her a lonely life of isolation in his harem forever. It was in this harsh, competitive culture, Esther boldly stepped into her destiny, first winning the King’s desire, then risking death by exposing the intrigues and hatred in the King’s inner court. It’s a heroic women’s story of strength and strategy found in the mosaic palace and family life of an all powerful king.

 The language of this ancient world was dance. In Esther, The Heart of a Queen all the main characters will express their stories through dance, while a group of Eunuchs and lead vocalists will provide the lyrical narrative throughout the pop-inspired soundtrack of the musical.

Harnessing the power of dance, this new, powerful version of Esther reimagines the tale with a modern, authentically alluring flavor, incorporating multiple dance forms to best articulate the story through movement. Esther draws from the best of sung-through musicals such as Les Miserable and dance extravaganzas like Contact and Moving Out with the pop-music sensibilities of The Greatest Showman to create an entirely new kind of show.



cast and creative team

Listen To Our Music

by David Wise, Jeremy Johnson

Just a few sneak peek listens…be on the lookout for our music coming to Spotify soon.


“Could It Be” Concept Video

As Esther walks with her Uncle Mordecai through town she begins to daydream. Could It Be that there is more for her than this simple life she leads.

The Creative Team Shares Their Vision


Esther, The Heart of a Queen Workshop Sizzle Reel

June 27, 2019 at The Rose Nagelberg Theater in New York City



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